Masomo Savings

Masomo Savings

At Wanunuzi SACCO we understand what is important to you and the need to empower your yourself and your children with education.

Educate your kids with ease with our MASOMO SAVING FACILITY.

Go back to school for higher education academic/professional qualification) and (or) take your kids to university with no hustle. Subscribe to our WANUNUZI MASOMO muhimu LOAN FACILITY and save up for that dream

This savings and loans is specially designed to support the education requirements for supplies practitioners and their families in Kenya. Membership is open to members of Wanunuzi SACCO Society Ltd and all procurement and supplies students and practitioners in Kenya who meet the requirements. To join the Scheme, fill in a membership application form and pay a non-refundable registration fee of Kes 200. A member is required to make a minimum monthly contribution of Kes 500 and is eligible for a loan three times his/her shares and repayable within two years 1% p.m on a reducing balance. It is also designed to support Kenyan supplies KISEB and CIPS students to pursue their education with ease by accessing affordable loans from the Wanunuzi SACCO. Those saving to pay for KISEB and CIPS courses are eligible for loans four times their savings paid directly to CIPS/KISEB accounts. The sources of funds include a revolving fund from members’ deposits and any other borrowings by the SACCO.

  • Affordable and flexible for supplies students
  • Its savings for education for members and their dependants
  • Finance fees cost at all education stages, Primary, high school and university
  • Members can save as low as ksh.500 every month towards their education
  • Member qualifies for Masomo loan four times their savings with maximum of 500,000, Less outstanding loan
  • The amount is recoverable within two years
  • Interest rate 1% per month on reducing balance
  • Finance education needs for dependants and self
  • Restructuring and top-ups is allowed per SACCO policy with one off fee of 2.5%
  • Must have registered for Masomo scheme by filling form and registration fee
  • Must have saved for six months
  • Copy of Id/passport
  • Fee structure
  • Cheques drawn directly to the institution