MwanaKISM Loan

MwanaKISM Loan

This loan is specifically designed to provide value to KISM members who are also members of the SACCO

They are divided into two:


Asili to mean Mwana KISM asili.

This loan is intended to help members of KISM to pay for first/annual renewal of KISM membership and (or)licence.

The maximum loan limit is ksh. 10,000 that can cater for KISM membership and licence

One is eligible for this loan when still serving other loans


  • One must be an active member of the SACCO
  • One must be saving minimum of ksh 300 per month
  • Minimum account balance must be ksh 3600 to qualify for this loan
  • One qualifies for loan three times your savings

This loan must be repaid back within six months


  • The SACCO will send communication to eligible SACCO members an intention to renew their KISM membership at the end of November each year.
  • The SACCO will process the loan applications and pay the amount applied for directly to KISM account for renewal of those membership in the month of December each year.
  • The SACCO will make follow up with KISM on behalf of the members to ensure membership and licence are renewed by KISM and by end of December.
  • Members will be called upon to pick their membership renewal cards/licence from the SACCO before January 15th.
  • This ensures that members renewals are done in a timely manner and follow up to ensure this is done promptly is transferred to the SACCO.
  • Members will continue to pay the loan with flexible repayment terms of 1.2% monthly on reducing balance until the loan is cleared within six months without straining to pay for KISM

This loan is meant to help members of KISM acquire the mandatory annual CPD without much financial strain.

The loan can be given up to maximum of ksh. 80,000 per year to cater for members training either for one event or for several events that make up to the Maximum CPD required by KISM for each member.

This loan is paid directly to KISM to cater for members training and the remaining amount above training fee can be given to member to cater for their accommodation during the training.


  • One must be an active member of the SACCO
  • Members must not be servicing KCPD loan/normal loan
  • Provide invoice from KISM for payment of the training as evidence.
  • Minimum savings is ksh.1700 per month


  • One is eligible for this loan four times their savings
  • Flexible repayment period of one year
  • Interest rate of 1.5% monthly reducing balance


This is a special type of emergency loan that is granted to a member to sort out emergency issues.

  • Maximum loan limit is ksh. 40,000
  • This loan is processed within 12 hrs of application and upon submitting all required documents
  • Repayment period is six months.
  • Interest rate is 3% monthly reducing balance.
  • One can’t qualify for this loan when serving the emergency loan.