Why Us

Why Join Us – Wanunuzi Sacco

  • By joining Wanunuzi Sacco, you join the larger supply chain community in building our very own sacco with a common bond, who are professionals you have worked with, interacted with or networked with, therefore making it easier for them to act as your guarantors in case you need a loan.
  • Attractive interest on deposits and dividend on shares.
  • Variety of products at attractive interest rates, flexible repayment periods and favorable turnaround time
  • Expanded alternative collateral options
  • Receiving, periodically and regularly, or upon request, and at least once a year, a statement of accounts containing the individualized credit and debit transactions
  • Attend and participate in decisions taken at all general meetings of the society and vote
  • Enjoy the use of all the facilities and services of the society subject to the society’s by-laws